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I'm a digital consultant and senior developer with a proven track record delivering success to projects from SaaS ideas through to multiple million pound ecommerce and ticket sales systems.

Top Business Books to Help Grow your Freelance Business Thinking

For the past five years I've spent a couple of hours a day commuting. In that time, either in the car or on a train, I've managed to read or listen to quite a lot of business material. All of the below are highly recommended and in no particular order!


The Power of Positivity

Facebook's founders pledge billions to ‘cure, prevent or manage all disease’ by the end of the century but could it bring more to its pledge than just money?


Getting Started with Gulp

gulp.js is a fantastic way of removing some of the more mundane parts of a web designer or developer’s job. It takes away all the tasks you should be doing and probably some of the ones that you’re not but should be!